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But even though they frequently collaborated together on each other's channels, they mutually decided to call it quits in June The woman who plays Miranda Sings told the ladies on The View that she initially thought the YouTuber was a australian christian free dating sites axe murderer," because he messaged her on Facebook after watching her videos. Even though her "parents were terrified," she decided to write him back and they wrote each other "three times a day for five weeks" until they finally met in person when she went to NYC where he was living at the time for ikss performance.

On that very same day ya know — the first time they ever met in person after knowing each other for a little over a monthJosh dropped the L-bomb and Colleen went right along with it even though they knew alice springs dating would kiss fan dating site youtube com they were crazy. Welp, apparently going with your gut is the right thing to do, because Dwting and Colleen have been together ever since and tied the knot last summer.

Even though they were young when they became a couple, they were clearly in love, frequently posting ADORABLE pictures on social media and making hilarious videos on their respective channels. But, as with most relationships, fans noticed that Kian and Andrea were spending less and less time together and were kiss fan dating site youtube com posting some depressing notes on Twitter.

So, had Kiandrea broken up? The answer was unfortunately yes — the dating dubai forum year old confirmed that she and the O2L guy had called it quits in Junemuch to the dismay of many supporters. But even though there are always rumors utah dating website drama, Kies and Andrea decided to show everyone that they were still friends by making MORE videos together where they cuddled and — wait for it — kissed at the end of Although they were just friends for kiss fan dating site youtube com a month, they officially became a couple in October and quickly began bringing viewers into their everyday lives best south african online dating their vlog channel, WatchUsLiveAndStuff.

After dating for about three years, Anthony proposed to Kalel while they were on vacation in Japan, and the pair planned to have their wedding on October 10,the date of their 5-year anniversary. Unfortunately, the YouTubers announced that they had called off the engagement in Novemberbut assured fans that they remained kiss fan dating site youtube com. Strawburry17 revealed that she was at an event and met her future boo's bro, who told her that he was also a gamer.

The former Viner was seen kissing the Agents of S. Unfortunately, it was NOT proof of their relationship that fans once wanted so desperately — the kiss we're talking about was just a prank. The year-old pretended to pass out and the year-old jumped in to do CPR and "save his life. Daring Tessa Brooks Tessa Brooks is another female member of Team 10 and rumors were once swirling around her and team leader, Jake Paul. Did they hook up?

Did they not hook up? Somehow, even though it's all over the Internet, the Team is great at keeping secrets ugh. In this video, the year-old makes out with multiple members of Team 10, blindfolded, to decide who's the best at kissing. To us, her smooch with the year-old looks suspiciously steamy Fans are even starting to ship her with JP, so it's no surprise to us that he's posted several videos of the two making out on his YouTube channel.

Give the people what they want, right? In this videoJake plays the same trick on Amanda that he did on Alissa Violet — he pretends to pass kkiss, and the girl tries to do CPR on him! Is this, like, a faan now? YouTube Teala Dunn Anotha one!

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