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I continue 20014 wish him nothing but the is vicki dating brooks 2014 and hope that we can both now move past this difficult chapter in our lives. Once and for all, I would like to address several issues concerning my life that keep circulating in cicki media that I would like to clarify and get out. I completely understand that people good questions to ask online dating email not believe what I am saying to be true, yet it will not keep me from telling my side of the story along with my rationale as to why I did what I did as it relates to my health and my private life.

Since I is vicki dating brooks 2014 dating Vicki in the Fall ofI was the subject of much ridicule and hate. No one is perfect. I have made my share of mistakes which I regret. I pride myself in apologizing when I am wrong or have is vicki dating brooks 2014 others either intentionally or unintentionally. Through the first five years of dating Vicki, I was coined as a con man, low life, gold digger, dead beat, etc.

Vicki is a lot of things, but stupid? She is known for being a driven workaholic who demands perfection. One of Vicki s famous quotes is: The same is true about me. What one never saw was my drive professionally to continue to provide for my kids and advance my career. When it comes to a TV show, drama sells and every story needs a villain and I was the villain. Now, onto the reason why I am writing this. Prior to filming Season 10 which began in DecemberI was given the unfortunate news of my cancer diagnosis.

However, Vicki felt compelled to share a private email later that night with Tamra Judge and Lauri Peterson along with a text to Shannon Beador asking for all of their support during this time rather online dating chat tips conflict. I christian dating site europe not okay with that at all when I found out about it, however the information about my diagnosis was out.

Looking back, it was quite ridiculous actually. I hate him with everything in me and I don't hate people,' Vicki is vicki dating brooks 2014 of her ex adding 'I defended him. I took a bullet for him when people didn't like him' 'I'm completely shocked. Why would you lie about cancer when I've broosk three friends die of it in the last two years. I acted alone, without Vicki's knowledge, to produce documents for a reality TV show in hopes of putting doubts about my cancer to rest.

Brooks, pictured with Vicki on Real Housewives Of Orange County Reunion Show inadmitted Wednesday he'd faked medical bills to try and prove he has cancer The businessman, who split from Vicki in August after a four-year relationship, said he had never intended to provide his personal medical records or vick details about his 'private and personal medical history. This man is sick. Vicki, who had gone back and forth list of american free dating sites whether or not she believes Brooks has cancer, tweeted she would never speak to him again after he faked the medical bills.

The pair split in August Duped? Brooks revealed on Similar dating sites to pof in January that he'd been diagnosed with stage viicki non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Vick vowed to support vjcki but her co-stars were skeptical and accused him of making it up In an interview with the network in October, Brooks is vicki dating brooks 2014 that he had only told the cast of the Bravo reality series he had been diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkins lymphoma because he was pressured to by the show's producers.

Brolks alleged that he'd been told that if he didn't allow them to use his cancer diagnosis as a storyline for season 10, Vicki's role would be dating old clay pipes back. In Wednesday's statement, he alluded to his earlier comments, saying details of his illness will 'remain private as I initially intended over a year ago.

But a spokesperson for the hospital in Duarte, California, said 'he had never been treated for cancer at their facility' and there was no record of a patient with the name David Brooks Ayers. Vicki, 53, and Brooks featured heavily in season 10 of the Bravo's reality series because of his cancer diagnosis but she now says she doesn't know whether or not to believe he is really sick Pressured: Brooks claimed if he didn't let the reality show use his cancer as a storyline, Vicki's role would have been scaled back.

Did Vicki & Brooks Break Up Because He's Allegedly Lying About Cancer On 'Real Housewives Of Orange County'? The Answer Isn't That Simple

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