Addiction To Online Dating Sites

The Internet has become a boon for many list some dating sites addicts. Never before in the history of the world has it ever been so easy to connect with literally hundreds of people in short amounts of time. Location is no longer an issue either. Just turn on the computer and addicyion can be chatting with someone on the other side of the planet within a matter of seconds.

Online dating sites are like a shopping mall for love addicts. With literally hundreds from which to choose, love addicts can window shop for potential partners for hours on end. As soon as someone catches their eye, they can engage in a virtual chat session with just a few clicks of the mouse — fields dating service the other sjtes is also online as well. For some individuals, online dating in and of itself can become addicting.

What initially starts out as a fun, new activity becomes an obsession that consumes significant amounts of addction. In some cases, it also becomes very expensive if the addict is paying for memberships to multiple dating sites or chat rooms. Love addicts are often drawn to the Internet because it allows them to create a false persona. Take the story of Melissa, for example. Melissa is a fairly quiet, shy woman in her late 30s. At the encouragement of a friend, she put up a profile with one of addiction to online dating sites best photos.

In her profile she described herself as much more outgoing, adventurous, and fun. Suddenly she was spending several hours each night responding to emails and engaging in online chat sessions with various men. Sitting behind her computer rather than face to face gave her a level of confidence she had never experienced before. In no time she was sharing intimate details of her life with several afdiction these men — none of whom she had actually met.

She loved the attention and felt like she had a thriving social life — even though it was limited to cyber space. The problem with love addicts like Melissa is that their online interactions become a substitute for real life interactions. Meeting the men in person is a terrifying option for her because she knows they will most likely quickly realize she is not the outgoing person she portrays herself to be online.

The disappointment and rejection would be devastating. Other love addicts use the Internet as a way to find a large number of potential partners. You have met most of them without ever finding anyone that free indian dating site for mobile wanted to share more than a few moments with.

You know, in your head and somewhere deep in your guts, that there is very little chance your daily browsing will lead to finding a meaningful relationship. And yet you are drawn to your computer every day without miss, sometimes several times, to indulge in more catalog addiction to online dating sites, dites check your message box, and to dream for a second that the next one will be better than the last one. This type of behavior, where we find ourselves repeatedly doing something that is at best pointless but often harmful, without being able to stop, is what is commonly known as addiction.

And addictive behavior is not limited to gambling or drug and alcohol consumption. For a lot of people, online dating has also become an addiction. Instead of going straight home after work, where you will find yourself alone with not much else to do than to turn on your computer, go to the gym. Or, better yet, register for a class, where you will be busy dating crossfit chicks you will meet people.

Having an enjoyable datinng activity that keeps you away from the computer may be enough to help you re-center your attention. If necessary, register for different classes. The busier you are, the less tempted you will be. Seeing friends and relatives will likely give you a renewed appreciation of what real human contact can bring. And again, it will addiction to online dating sites you busy and away from the computer.

Quickly check your personal emails at work at the end of the day and make your home a computer-free space for a while. And buy books, newspapers, magazines, listen to the radio or rent movies to occupy your time at home. Take the time to reflect on what you really want out of life, work, relationships. Think of dtaing period as a gift to yourself: Try to get a better understanding of the way you function.

Addiction to online dating sites, in turn, will datng you have a better control over your actions. If, and only if, you have decided that what you really want is to find someone to share your life with, consider changing the way you have been conducting your search.

I Became Addicted to Online Dating

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