Dating Antique Mirrors

Mirror shape The shape may give an indication as to its date of origin. Trademarks Look for any trademarks or dates. Older handmade screws have more irregular threads and heads, with different sized gaps between threads and off centre slots on the head. There may also be empty screw holes present. Veneer Antique veneers are dating antique mirrors and more irregular than modern veneers.

Glass Dating antique mirrors glass is thinner, greyish or yellowish, and not as sharp in reflective ability. Modern dating antique mirrors is thicker, colourless and gives a more accurate reflection. The thickness can be demonstrated by holding a coin to the surface - if the coin almost touches its reflection it is thinner, older glass.

Older glass was poured or pressed, giving it a dating antique mirrors appearance with some areas thicker than others. Newer glass is cut and has a neat, even appearance. Older glass may have markings and indentations whereas newer glass is smoother with fewer markings. Older bevelled edges were worked by hand with pumice and are irregular in comparison to modern bevelling, which is performed by machine. Buying Antique Mirrors Which antique mirror is chosen will depend upon factors such as budget, the type of mirror, individual taste and existing decor.

Large portland online dating bingo mantle mirrors can be very expensive, while smaller hand held or pocket mirrors may be relatively cheap. Of course, factors such as the time period it dates from, level of detailing and condition will also affect dating antique mirrors price. Antique mirrors may be bought as a one off item or as part of a collection. They can look stunning when arranged together on a wall.

Consider the placement of the mirror carefully if starting a collection, thinking about how it may fit in with future purchases. Reputable sellers will give as much detail as possible, stating whether there is how does online dating work yahoo damage or if the dating antique mirrors has been re-gilded or re-silvered. It is not always obvious or possible to tell mature dating questions this is the case and it may be necessary to seek further advice from an antiques specialist.

Caring dating antique mirrors Antique Mirrors The seller may be able to provide information on how to care for the mirror. It may be better to use homemade and natural cleaning products, such as a solution of dating antique mirrors and rubbing alcohol or vinegar, rather than stronger commercial products. When cleaning the glass, avoid contact with the frame.

The mirror coating on the back of an antique mirror tends to oxidize or tarnish over time, whether made with tin and mercury or a thin sheet of silver. Dark dating antique mirrors blotchy spots become visible through the glass, defining it as an antique. The frame can also indicate the status of an antique mirror.

Are there signs of wear? Is a carved frame chipped? Is the back of the imrror attached with something other than modern Phillips-head screws? There are many different types of antique mirrors. Gothic Mirrors Gothic Mirrors relate to the 12th — 16th Century and are sometimes known as Medieval Gothic, revival in 19th century is also known as Victorian Gothic. Common stylistic characteristics include pointed arches at the top, typically dark wood frames and ornate carving.

Baroque Baroque Mirrors are from the 17th century and common characteristics include an oval shaped style, frames typically made from Oak or Walnut, frames often gilded with gold and silver and less ornate carvings than the Gothic style. Rococo The Rococo styled mirror arrived in the early to mid 18thC. The free goth dating website was a rectangular or oval shape with a flat base, gilded gold and carvings at the top of the frames, which were often walnut or mahogany with the carvings often of flowers.

Georgian — Georgian styled mirrors are often rectangular shaped with emphasised symmetry and a paler style colour compared to earlier models of mirrors. Regency — The Regency period led to mirrors designed with oval shapes and narrow frames. Mahogany food frames online dating sites canada free preferred, as were gold gilded. Elaborate carvings with typically floral design or leaf motifs were often applied.

Victorian — Victorian Mirrors consisted of contrasting designs, mirrors were either dark wood or white with ornate and heavy designs with inspiration often taken from Gothic inspired forms. Edwardian The Edwardian style mirrors from the early 20thC were characterised by a delicate style and similarly delicate colours. The style drew upon online dating quick elements and characteristics of earlier styles from past eras.

Art Nouveau — The characteristics of Mirrors from the Art Nouveau period include sinuous lines, swirling online dating profile pics and nature inspired motifs. Pewter frames were common, as were black lacquered frames. Stained glass was dating skills test used to add a delicate finish to the Art Nouveau variety of mirrors.

How to Date When a Mirror Was Made

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