African American Woman Dating Nigerian Man

Many of the issues revolve around him wanting his name being added to my home. I had I thought gladly, but learning from my past mistakes something told me be careful. I would be glad to add his name, and then I offered we could buy a new home. However, when our son turned six months old he left to go to another state saying he was only going to be gone three months because he wanted to get some job training. By this time, I was thinking of quitting my dtaing, but I returned to african american woman dating nigerian man and african american woman dating nigerian man taking our son to daycare, even though he agreed we would work different shifts to care for him because of the expense of daycare.

All of this was happening, and I was about to tell him about quitting my job and possibly putting his name on the house. As this datig I was still paying everything and I just did not want anymore issues. But, his approach stopped me in my tracks. I pay all the bills in the home, and all the childcare for our children, list of dating sites in the philippines all the insurance.

He said it was to help get his business started so that he can help take care of his family. I got the loans and still nothing has come of it other than my credit being ruin. But, I told him that I have dreams, too, but I still have to take care of the family while pursuing them. The two times we did do something it was on our anniversary. I paid for everything just so that he would spend time with me on that day.

Yet, when I try to talk to him about the issue he likes to blame me for everything going wrong in our marriage. He even asked for a DNA african american woman dating nigerian man on our son once when he got mad at me. I finally got tired of him using that so I paid for it myself to get it done and of course our son is his. My family said I should get out of this marriage. Why is it such a big deal? Why not buy another home together? He even calls me names when he is angry.

Yet, African american woman dating nigerian man have been helping him and african american woman dating nigerian man what he asks of me. This makes me hesitant with putting his name african american woman dating nigerian man my home. African men I dated one once it was not a good experience and so glad it never got physical. He was generous paid datibg every date, but his free dating sites in gloucestershire was broke and driving rented.

I found out he had a wife in another city, another female banged on his door one evening when he showed me his junky cluttered apartment…humm. I stopped see him. Several months later he asked to stop by and return some books. He acted like african american woman dating nigerian man was trying to hug me then tried to squeeze my body really hard and tried to twist my arm. I moved away asked him what are you doing!

He said shut up big mouth woman. I kinda laughed said get out of my house, I know affican your doing, testing to see if I accept abuse. He gave me a deep stare and I reached for the phone…. SOME Men behave badly…. DONT ACCEPT IT FROM ANY! Recently my african afrjcan coworker told us…. Egusi sure taste good! From my experience which were with Nigerians 2 it was not good.

I dated one for a few months and he was a respectful to a degree and hard working but also a liar who acted like I was not important because I was a woman. News flash if you want a Nigerian woman…go get one. The author needs to do more research for such a sensitive topic. Black is always beautiful. Another thing it depends on where their from too. Yes some of them are stuck up but after you get to know them its an different story.

I personally perfer dating African men ,they show an appreciation wman things that black americans take for granted. And they make their women afdican not bring them down. If a person has bad experiences all the time with them its usually because that girl has things messed up with her. THEY LOVE AND RESPECT REAL WOMEN not immature girls that believe they deserve things without website of online dating in work.

To all the women who date them congrats n continue blessed relationships. You are nigerain foreign men love women with respect for themselves and others. I cant say that about some black AND african girls JUST TELLING THE TRUTH. The man runs the home irrespective of 'how much' the wife is worth. The Nigerian man is a natural hustler, they go out in the morning and come back in the evening, they don't usually get fed up with wealth acquisition, that is the one thing American women niverian to like so much about Nigerian men, - That they take responsibility and make sure their family as well as their woman is well taken care of.

One said "I love the way African men love their children it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, african american woman dating nigerian man I can see the boys are more spoiled, that is the truth. If you do a search on the internet about "Nigerian men" you would come across very few positive comments and loads of negative stuff about Men from Nigeria, like they are domineering, datinf hear things like "Nigerian guys are naturally dishonest!

Well, I guess that comes with life But the main question is - Why Nigerian guys in Diaspore go home to marry the accredited innocent and yet un-spoiled girl back in their country instead of the white chick they have been cuddling all year long?? The simple answer to that question is - because they don't like an independent woman. African men believe that independent women and women with western upbringing are already spoiled and finds it very difficult to cope as tradition demands Like going into the kitchen everyday to prepare his african american woman dating nigerian man recipe or give it to them the way they want it on bed.

African men in general see the women as a helper who they have xfrican love, pamper and dominate and they want her to remain thus, not another bread winner or some sort of competition.

Nigerian Men and Nigerian Boys

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