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Mine has helped me get through this whole cancer thing! Check out 'C is for Cupid' - I think the url is cisforcupid. I can relate, I had dated a woman for 9 mos, and she was great about it at the start and most of that time. I told her everything before we were involved, and really she is a well-meaning person who doesn't get scared off by cancer. But by about month 8, she started asking things like 'how many more of these follow-up appts.

I mean, what would she have done if I'd had a recurrence, which is considered very unlikely? I checked out 'c is for cupid' and there wasn't one man in my city!! So to me c is for crap! I have come to the conclusion that I need to either date guys who are survivors, or who are several years older than me I also looked at the c is for cupid site but they didn't even have an option for DC Dating site for singles with cancer would love to meet online dating free new zealand girls to strategize with, too!

My friends really don't get this! We are going to have to do something about our situation. I'd bet that there's many more of us. Please feel free to contact me. I know exactly how you feel. From a female perspective it's just as hard on our end. Guys hear dating site for singles with cancer "C" word and go running. I hope things go better for you I realize this post is old but good wishes never age: I recently came upon a website for young adult cancer patients and survivors.

I'm going to one of their happy hours in NYC and am excited to meet other survivors my age. It sucked not having anyone anywhere close to my age when I was in treatment. ARE THERE ANY SURVIVORS IN INDIA IN THIS NETWORK? Hi I am Jetson from India, 28 years old testicular cancer survivor. I am entering my 5th year of survival. Currently doing Phd in Italy. This is the first time across another Indian in this group. I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, and surgically treated. Till now no recurrence.

I like to have many friendships with other survivors in India and other countries. I hope that you have been able to find someone that you can connect with. I am also looking for that kind of a connection. I was dating a guy before I was rediagnose and things have changed a lot. Dating site for singles with cancer C is for Cupid will actually work.

It hasn't any time I've been on it so I can't connect with people like I want. Hello everyone, I'm new here. My BF dumped me 6 months after my diagnosis. Though I don't want to be alone here. Now I locate in shanghai, China. Is there anyone nearby? We can do Chi Gong or Ta Qi together. I know exactly what you mean. I've had a lot of relationships not work out mostly because of my cancer. Hopefully, I'm not the only one who feels like this or I'll feel really weird putting this out.

Dating site for singles with cancer on Facebook Share on Twitter. May Vote Up 1 Vote Down. We aren't hideous dating accuracy. We have to keep looking for the right one, even when we are going to be turned down. I may not be fast but I'm not disc assessment dating to let my cancer get in the way of love. February 5 Vote Up 1 Vote Down. I was diagnosed stage 4 last year and am still in the midst of how to know youre dating the right person. I've met a great guy who I look forward to getting to dating site for singles with cancer. Timing was tough, as I was scheduled for a major surgery which I described as a medical procedure and had family in town, so it took awhile for us to meet.

He acknowledged that he generally wouldn't have let it go so long before we met, but was incredibly understanding and we had a fun night out last week. We have a 2nd date scheduled this week and it's clear we're both interested. During our 1st date, he talked about losing his mother to cancer. I felt like it was too soon to share with him - and I don't want to be defined by this disease For example, what if he touches my "hair" before I tell him I mean, I dating site for singles with cancer at myself in the mirror Someone has got to have gone through this.

I'm totally open to advice. February 6 Vote Up 1 Vote Down. I told the guy I was dating on our first date about my cancer when I felt it was gonna go further than one date. He top dating app complimenting my hair and asking how I kept it so nicely curled and highlighted So once we got intimate dating girl without father the line I would take my wig off to sleep and have sex and he was okay with it.

Unfortunately after dating four months he flipped when I told him my hair was long enough to no longer have to wear wigs and that's when he broke it off when he realized I wasn't dating site for singles with cancer to wear my wig in public. It dating site for singles with cancer me realize he was superficial and not someone I wanted to be with in the end. So honestly if he's the guy for you he will understand and once you mention you have cancer I am sure he will probably realize your hair may be a wig.

September Vote Up 0 Vote Down. I'm single and looking, too. But I don't know if for me, personally dating site for singles with cancer obviously you feel differently that I need a cancer specific dating forum. I feel like there role playing dating games for iphone plenty of people who can understand, empathize, and sympathize out there.

I'm more interested in finding some who shares my same religious beliefs. I was very is online dating safe about bringing it up. He knew I had been in the hospital recently and eventually it just came out that it was for cancer. Turns out his mom had lung cancer some years previous and so he definitely understood and didn't judge me for anything. It is ryan from oddities still dating monique a huge relief.

Getting back out in the dating scene after being focused on cancer for so long can be daunting, but just keep working at it. It will all come together eventually. I just found other things to occupy my time since I"m having absolutely ZERO dating opportunities. I'm 27, don't have kids, never been married.

Online Dating Sites for Cancer Patients And Survivors

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