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When it comes to love and relationship, Muslim people find it as a great hardship to meet proper partner for further marriage. In many cases all families are involved in finding candidate for marriage. Young Muslims are trying to take this case by own hands and look for an idea match themselves. We would like to present TOP 5 dating apps for Allah believers. Best free muslim dating app is first application we would like to discuss. Minder is dedicated to help in connect progressive, smart, fun, and interesting Muslims with each other.

You can meet and greet only the ones who caught your attention. Finding a match is easy. Salaam Swipe is the Islamic version of Tinder best worldwide dating app. Salaam Swipe is easy best free muslim dating app safe app recommended in few publications like: Toronto Star, International Business Times and Al Arabiya. Match matching best free muslim dating app works same as in Tinder.

Swipe right or left for dating site western cape a match or not being interested in particular person. So far Salaam Swipe is available only for iOS devices. Yelli — Muslim Singles is slightly new application when it comes to Islamic dating. There are so many issues that the developers need to work on.

For example, the pictures get distorted and the interface can sometimes freeze up. Also, the matching algorithm is really bad, because I kept getting matches in Ontario best free muslim dating app though I set my preferences to miles. Moreover, the people on the app barely best free muslim dating app it, so it takes weeks to get matches. After using it for three weeks, I got only one match out. The dating message to a girl keep coming back, even after you swipe left or right.

I will give SalaamSwipe 2 out of 5 qalbs. However, it is very buggy. For example, on my preferences, I said I only wanted to see guys show up, but I kept getting girl profiles on my dashboard. In addition, even after I swipe left or right, the same old profiles keep showing up. A lot of the problems that were on SalaamSwipe kept coming up in Crescent. There were people of all kinds of ethnicities on this app, but mostly Arab as expected.

Maybe if I were from a Middle Eastern, I would have found this app more useful. The messaging system is okay and the app design seems fine. It is not the prettiest app on this list, but it works. They have a lot best free muslim dating app profiles on this app, but my main issue was that it would keep showing people who were really far away. Overall, I would give buzzArab 3 out of 5 qalbs.

It was kind of awkward to talk to guys on the other side of the planet, who were old enough to be your dad. Also, there are some really seedy people on Maghreb in Love, but the reporting and blocking system is great. I like the graphics and interface. I would give this app 3 out of 5 qalbs. The name is cute dating profile sample woman. However, I ranked Minder third, because some of my other friends have used this app and thought it was great.

I got a chance to look at their profiles and use the app on their phones to get a feel for it. Also, one of my friends mentioned how the matching algorithms were subpar, because she kept getting profiles of people who lived on the other side of the country. However, I thought many of the guys on Minder seemed decent and people I might actually talk to. One of my friends, who is thinking about marriage, has continued talking to one of her matches on Minder.

So far, from her perspective, she seems to like what the app has done for her. With that in mind, I give it 3 out of 5 qalbs because it got great reviews from those who I trust. Best free muslim dating app the pictures and profiles have to be approved by the administrators, though you will be approved almost all of the time. Also, the website has a points system where you get points for answering profile questions, uploading pictures, and similar activities.

Meet The Muslim Tinder: Salaam Swipe Is A 'Halal' Dating App

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