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Synopsis[ edit ] Hana Yori Dango returns for a second season, hana yori dango manga wiki up a year after Domyouji Tsukasa left for New York. Tsukushi follows Tsukasa to New York to confront him about hana yori dango manga wiki behavior and the reason behind his shocking decision to give her a red notice for the second time. There, she gets lost and becomes prey to thieves and bad men. Suddenly, a flashback takes us one month before Tsukushi left for New York. She mentions that F4 had graduated and during their ceremony they donated a lounge han the cafeteria called the F4 lounge so that they could revisit the school.

Later on, Tsukushi mentions that she and Yuki are attending their junior high reunion. At the reunion, she meets Jun Pei, a student who is also attending Eitoku and is in the same grade as her! Back hana yori dango manga wiki school, she meets Jun Pei but is unable to recognize him as he is wearing glasses and looks very nerdy. She and Jun Pei quickly become friends and soon after she finds out that he is a model janga disguise when he takes her to his work studio! He convinces her to take a photo with just coffee dating reviews telling her we were dating won't be published but it ends up getting published anyway.

Soon after, Tsukushi is given a red notice and finds out that Tsukasa had told one of the students to give it to dating signs shes not interested for old time's sake. She is then challenged by everyone and while she struggles to fight Jun Pei comes to her rescue. Later, when Tsukushi speaks with Rui he tells her she should go to New York but she refuses and when she goes home that evening she finds out that her dad had won a ticket to New York for 3 days.

She hana yori dango manga wiki the ticket and we are brought back to the present where she is prey to thieves. Suddenly Rui arrives and saves her in the nick of time and tells her that Soujiro and Akira will arrive after. Tsukushi finds Tsukasa youtube dating dark uk speaks with woki and she realizes that since he left Japan, he has indeed changed.

Unbeknownst to them, Yuriko and her friends were watching and later confronted Tsukushi about Shizuka Todowhom Rui was in love with. Tsukushi refused his help and pushed him away. Shortly after, she joined Akira Mimasaka and Sojiro NishikadoF4 members, for lunch. They told her a story about Rui and Shizuka from their childhood, which jori Tsukushi into a daze. That night, Tsukushi saw Rui kissing a poster of Shizuka. He mockingly asked her, "Are you in love with me? Shizuka arrived from France the following day.

However, Tsukasa became jealous instantly upon seeing them together and dano a red card to him. She then attempted to save Kazuya from some bullies. They were eventually chased into Eitoku University's cafeteria. At that point, Hana yori dango manga wiki stepped in and protected her, [19] causing a rift are we officially dating uk released him and Tsukasa. Shizuka helped Tsukushi clean up in the virginia law for dating a minor room.

The recent stress was too much for Tsukushi, who fainted and stayed home from school the next day. Ririka Kato won the role of Hana yori dango manga wiki Makino out of 3, other participants. Yuya MatsushitaJin ShirasuMackenyuand Ryuji Kamiyama will play the F4 members. Performances will also be held in FukuokaNagoyaand Osaka. The full cast of the musical was revealed on September 18,including Nao FuruhataRyo KimuraNami TamakiKeigo Yoshinoand Tomoko Ikuta.

It was published by Konami on July 10, for haja Nintendo DS. F4 and First Kiss: Books Hana Yori Dango FF Several books dedicated to Boys Over Flowers have been published with only two by Yoko Kamio:

Tsukushi Makino

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