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I show them pictures, I have strong descriptions, qualities, characteristics and more. They said "they could help me" find a woman like this. I almost fell off my chair!! Shows you how deceptive they can be, they will try to MILK you for all they can get from special needs online dating. About 10 days goes by and I get called in for my photo shoot, that took about 3 hours to do. Then they spent about another hour with me going over things and gave me a list to take home of possible referrals, claimed they worked on that list of 15 people for over hours to put it together.

It was pretty obvious once I learned how to use the site, and looked at the list, they can just as easily jot down profile 's and claim whatever they want for time input. So I reviewed the list and there was NOTHING on that list that even remotely interested me - that was another clue they had never read my oogin prepared typed initial profile I gave them and it was quite detailed both about me and what I wanted.

So I got home and started to look for others locally. I was not interested in long distance, Great expectations dating login wanted MLPS only! Give or take miles maybe. I found one possible that I liked, but llgin 34 days which is over their timeline to reply she never replied and her profile was never ggeat on "HOLD" either, this company says right on the back on the contract they give you, "You failed to provide a response to another member yes or no your membership is put on inactive as a penalty" - they failed to do that because exppectations was a woman most likely and most know if you don't have woman, the men won't come expextations.

So that would be bad for business to knock her. They claim they contacted her x and she freat get to it, but never did. They did keep trying to send other referrals, but again, NONE of them were even close to the same ball park I was looking for. So I started looking more into the site. So at the time approx 1st or 2nd weekend in June I went through every profile on that site that was available to me.

You're on hold to date another, you're on vacation, you free aus dating sites not paid your dues or you're now an expired member and they are still using your profile as bait for others. So I scaled it down to just the MLPS area. So I now scaled it down to my age requested group and this is where it gets scary people. I asked to look in the age group, so at first I started by looking expetcations up to 40 years old, there was 68 members and 29 were inactive, then I look in exactly my age group, there was 34 members and 13 were inactive.

So here's the deal: Great Expectations again a nationwide fraud dating service has had 50 plus dating websites 5 class action law suits filed in various states and over small claims lawsuits The author is overall dissatisfied with Great Expectations. The most disappointing about dating service from Great Expectations was fraud, lies and refusing to cancel Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this internet dating poems quotes. Also, you can continue reading comments about Great Expectations.

Check out the best and the worst companies in Entertainment category for more the league dating app ny times decision or compare Great Expectations to other companies on our site. Review is a subjective opinion of MichaelWilliams Private message Share Share Report Free dating site ukraine Yes 2 No 0 Had an Experience with Great Expectations?

I selected over men, I kept records. My profile and pics were quite in line with most other ladies in my age group. Then most recent complaint is that Today - August 29, I received an email datinf they are changing their name. Too much negative publicity? Stay away from this company no matter what they may call themselves. Never sign a contract for any service on site.

I would be more than happy to participate in a Class Action lawsuit. CarolAnn of Urnsville, MN on Aug. Stay away from it. They say they do a background check but it's crap, they should do a psychological great expectations dating login. Then try to get them to cancel your grezt is crap. Oh, they will pull great expectations dating login off the website but continue to bill you. I would never in great expectations dating login life recommend them to anyone.

They don't follow up when you great expectations dating login a complaint and do nothing to keep the nut jobs out! You spend a lot of money for pogin. If you want to find someone nice to date stay off this site. I am 57 years old and don't need the abuse I received! If I had wanted that, I would have stayed with the ex husband - at u date dating site I would have known what to expect. Quynston of Fort Worth, TX on July 31, Satisfaction Rating I went to an appointment and treated very well by the salesperson.

Her boss was listening over the phone intercom and came in very upset and dominant when I would not commit to same day signup which I told them I don't do. She said I was wasting their time and was afraid to commit. When it was clear I wasn't changing my mind, I was told to "get out and don't come great expectations dating login. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Great Expectations? We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.

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