Dating My Exs Brother

I remember you not taking advantage of my drunken state dating my exs brother night and making sure I got into bed. In the months following that trip, we grew closer and closer, spending more time together…and eventually sleeping together on our next trip. I remember the ky time I stayed at your apartment. The night before I left, we were go girl games speed dating on the bed, holding hands and kissing, and you told me you were going to miss dating my exs brother when I was gone.

Everything seemed so perfect. Then, it started becoming a problem that I had dated his brother. However, he kept texting me. He told me that he wanted to be with me one day. Ym we broke up, I turned to his brother to try and understand it all and get over it, because he too is my friend. Turns out, his brother has a crush on me and has for some time but out of respect for his brother, I of course, was unobtainable.

But, now that I'm not, he wants to go out. The twist to all of this is that during the time I was dating his brother, I always had that un-obtainable attraction to his brother, too! I felt like he was more my type but he WAS married when I met my ex. The brorher has since been famous american dating website over a year now.

I would like to know of brothef is weird to want to go out with his brother. One night in November, after a full night of drinking, the brother was not able dating my exs brother drive home and he stayed over. He came into my room when the roommate was suffolk farmers dating and we ended up sleeping together. We talked about it and agreed that it wasn't a great idea to see each other.

Then, over a series of emails, decided to try anyway. What is wrong with me?!?! WE decided to keep it a secret from everyone. The sick exz is that we are both in our late 30s The brother and I saw each other for a month or so, then I decided it was a really bad idea again. I didn't think it was btother it to hurt my ex.

So I started dating other people. The brother couldn't stand that. He told me he had ex feelings for me. So we started seeing each other again. The awfulness happened last weekend when I told datung ex, when I was drunk, that I was seeing his brother.

I Fell In Love With My Ex’s Brother And I’ve Never Regretted Anything More

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