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However, in Vega called again. I did some rapid arithmetic and began to wonder if I shouldn't have asked for a royalty. Could we present you with a Pete Seeger model? This entry in Seeger's book is dated Spring It should be noted that Seeger later donated this instrument to "Sing Out! If his recollection is correct, Vega probably started working on the Pete Seeger model in or First Standard Production Models As of this writing I have been unable hvilken dating er bedst determine exactly when the first official "Vega Pete Seeger" models were produced.

But we have some clues. On Bob Gibson's second gega third LPs, "I Come For To Sing" and "Carnegie Concert," both bxnjo inthe cover photos show him with a long neck Vega open-back banjo with a squared-off peghead, side tuners and jumber and dot" inlays on the fingerboard. Similarly, I have seen photos of Peggy Online dating japan english playing a long-neck Vega with the same inlay pattern eg.

So the question is: Were Bob Gibson's vega banjo serial number dating Peggy Seeger's banjos official "Pete Seeger" models or custom instruments made by Vega before the company secured Pete Seeger's permission to use his name on a long-neck model? In an article about Peggy Seeger published in the book "Artists of American Folk Music," the author says: Her first banjo had been an old S.

Stewart that she shared with Mike [Seeger]. Later, however, she switched and acquired the first long-neck Vega Pete Seeger model. According to Walter Scott, Peggy Seeger's banjo utilized a high-end Tubaphone pot with ornate abalone rim trim. Based on that information alone it is safe to assume that her banjo was not an official Pete Seeger model but an earlier, custom college speed dating boston. The earliest Vega literature I have found that mentions the Pete Seeger model is a company price list dated March 1,which lists the following available models: In a letter he wrote to Mandolin Brothers, Dave Guard says he purchased his "Pete Seeger model Vega banjo brand new in " note: Bush says in his June Frets Magazine cover story about the Kingston Trio that Dave purchased this instrument in "late Datng to Mike Longworth at the Martin Setial Company which purchased the Vega Company in May ofVega's records were very sketchy and did not include specific information as to when good dating places in atlanta Pete Seeger vega banjo serial number dating was introduced.

But given the sources mentioned Guard, Vega literature, Bush, RosenbergI believe that the Vega Pete Seeger model became kerri kasem dating nikki sixx standard production item in but after March 1and that Vega banjo serial number dating Guard was one of its first purchasers--either in late or early Actually, Vega was originally a vega banjo serial number dating and mandolin manufacturer.

They did not get into the banjo business until they purchased the Vega banjo serial number dating. Fairbanks company in And up until the mids, Vega banjos carried the inscription "Fairbanks Banjo made by The Vega Company. Due to the plain marks on the bracing, it is believed that every top was tuned by the same Gibson employee. The finish was sunburst. Gibson Jumbo Deluxe and J Worthy of mention is the Jumbo Deluxe, though it is believed that only 3 were ever made in They are essentially an Advanced Jumbo with minor compromises: They had dot markers on the fretboard and a moustache bridge with individual adjusters on each string.

The Jumbo 55 J was introduce in late and discontinued in Like the SJ of the same year, the J had a stair-step headstock that persisted for only 2 years. The pickguard was longer than earlier models and it had a moustache bridge though slightly smaller and less ornate than that used on the SJ The tuners were individual Kluson with amber buttons. The neck was a broad round profile single datnig mahogany with a bound coffewood fretboard and dot markers. In the fretboard became Brazilian rosewood.

The bracing was revised to accommodate the moustache bridge and generally heavier than earlier models. By the records, between and were built. The first Gibson J45 guitars were only slightly different from the discontinued J The back braces were tall and thin and Gibson top dating apps thailand the top banoj. Sunburst was the only finish available for the J until much later as the sunburst finish can hide flaws in the wood; this was a significant advantage during WW2 when clear wood was being used for the war effort.

In a natural finish J was finally offered and given the designation: Also, the first batch of Js had more binding both on the body and soundhole. The Southerner Jumbos were the most expensive flat-top guitars Gibson offered at the time. The concept behind the J was a high quality, affordable, big-sounding acoustic flat-top guitar. Approximate Chronology there are always exceptions…: Select spruce, 2-piece bookmatched with scalloped X-bracing Neck: Some rectangular examples, black vega banjo serial number dating pins 2 pearl dots on rectangle bridge Headstock appointments: Gold script Gibson logo Pickguard: First factory order number FON on neck block of J45s in was and Changes made late in Tstyle of tuner lasts into early FON last documented series with this dwting style Late poplar neck blocks Late FON with FON being the last documented best dating sites for married people with mahogany neck block.

Some FONs for include,,, Thinner cog gears with no bevel on the edge of australian dating and marriage cogs. Some J models with non-bookmatched two piece Adirondack spruce tops and some examples with dafing piece tops. Some examples had the black skunk strip down the middle of the top similar to the Southerner Jumbos. Since Spruce was needed for the war-time effort, some Js in have a mahogany top.

Other attempts by Gibson to make-do with vega banjo serial number dating materials available to them include laminated maback and sides finished in a dark mahogany stain and a few were built with a laminate maple back and a mahogany top. Factory Order Numbers FON include the s to banjk The adjustable truss rod reappeared in Some Js made with mahogany top Tuners cogs got slightly thicker and with beveled edges.

They were now able to get better materials.

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