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The radiologist said chat speed dating the pregnancy might be perfectly fine, but there is a risk of miscarriage. I was just wondering how everything is going now? Heard the baby's heartbeat and all looks good. For those dating profielen site are worried, stay positive!

One more update--just got back from my 9-week checkup. Your message really helped to calm me down. I know that the medical profession tends to be on the negative side to cover-their-butts, but it is really hard to hear all this talk of miscarriage and complications so early on. I am scheduled for another ultrasound on July 15th, but there has been no more spotting or anything since Sunday, and the baby was elite dating new york, but living and okay on Monday.

Was about 2 days behind at 8 weeks and having another scan tomorrow at 10 weeks. As far as yours goes, it is entirely possible that best christian dating sites in south africa is a slowly developing but soon to be perfectly formed foetus. Mine has made up nearly two weeks in the space of two weeks so anything is possible. The fact that there is a heart beating is a really good sign. I really hope it is good news for you. Are your having another dating scan small for dates before nuchal?

Wavedancer Thu Jul Taichimum - best of luck for tomorrow's scan, do let us know how you get on. No, Dating scan small for dates am not scheduled for another scan until 12 weeks now, although I am thinking of paying for a private one, as I just can't stop worrying that this pregnancy is going the same way of the last one which is odd dating scan small for dates me as I am usually such an optimist! Unfortunately last time there had been a heartbeat for a brief period of time so even though the statistics are in my favour, experience has clouded my judgement.

Idk date of conception but based on my last period at my first ultrasound I was suppose to be 6w5d Baby measured 6 weeks exactly with a heart beat of I dating martin mandolins back at 8w4d based on lmp and baby measured 8w1d with heart rate of Dr was very pleased. I am still 3 days behind but 3 days is better than 5! They said I prob just implanted late but I knew that wasn't the case either bc id gotten a bfp at 9dpo.

That baby is now a healthy 22 month old. We had a couple follow up ultrasounds which showed baby growing and they never did move my due date back to its original but she was born at 35 weeks and was totally a 36 week old developmentally so she clearly caught up somewhere. Try not to worry!!! They moved her due date back a week and she stayed on that track. She's now 18 months. I have two LH surges so even were not dating quotes we were tracking, I actually did ov a week later.

At 8 weeks - measuring 2 weeks behind on scan but HCG levels are really high?

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