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Search you local area to find other singles that enjoy going to the cinema to enjoy the latest film releases. So whether you are searching for someone to spend your lonely nights with or simply a more active social life, The Movie Dating Site is the perfect online dating site for you. You can have cinema dating site access to our tens of thousands of local members so finding your ideal date will be quick, easy and simple with plenty of likeminded singles online all the time.

Dedicated to Movie and Film Lovers The Movie Dating Site is a fun, friendly dating site for local people and extends to all the UK regions, counties, cities and divorced dating site in usa. We provide a secure environment for cultured local singles to find a date. Check out your potential date before you meet them, then arrange to meet them in a public place.

Meet local men and local women throughout the UK. Join and date local singles in your area. The Movie Dating Site on Your Mobile To find The Movie Dating Site on your mobile simply go to www. Customer Service We're incredibly proud of how hard cinema dating site team work to provide a standard of service that goes above and beyond expectations. Our Customer Charter is our promise to you to constantly strive to be the cinema dating site one online dating service provider.

We aim to review all profiles, photos and diary submissions within 30 minutes. Our UK based Customer Care team can be contacted via email and telephone on cinema dating site The points are really just for posterity, but for film buffs who like to contribute to crowdsourced information projects, it adds some all-in-good-fun appeal to FilmCrave.

The site also has discussion forums, movie polls, and trailers. Criticker "We hated Shrek 2 and were shocked that nobody agreed with us," explains Criticker 's about page. It was that dislike of Shrek 2, and the refusal to believe that no one shared the same opinion that lead the developers to found the movie rating social network, which creates a "Taste Compability Index" for each user based on film ratings you have to rate at least 10 before you start to see TCIs, though the more you rank, the better the results.

Criticker makes it painfully easy to rate films — it gives you a list of movies and for the ones you've seen you enter a number between 0 andas well as a review of under characters not required. Once you've rated enough films, the site starts to suggest cinema dating site you might like based on what they call a Probability Score Indexand pair you with people you might get along with based on a similar taste in movies the TCIs.

Flickchart The idea behind Flickchart is to tap into the crowd to collaboratively assemble the most comprehensive ranking of films ever made. Flickchart's method of deriving those rankings is a little unusual, but cinema dating site simple and very addicting. The site bases its list on a series of head-to-head matchups. Users are shown two films, if they've seen both, they pick which is better.

Then they're shown two new films, they pick the best and get two more, etc. If it seems odd to see The Little Mermaid up against The Godfather, well, it seemed odd to me at first as well. But the logic makes sense momma dee dating dress explained one of those two movies you enjoyed more than the other, so if you had to make a definitive list, which one would you pick?

The result is that after you've completed enough head-to-head matchups, you start to see a cinema dating site accurate list emerge Flickchart re-inserts films you've already voted on fairly often, putting them up against other films so cinema dating site move up or down your list. So what's the 1 film globally at Flickchart right now? I Heart Movies I Heart Movies is a movie information site that's essentially trying to take on IMDb by combining detailed movie information with ratings, recommendations, and reviews.

One way where the site really sets itself apart is that users can use it to catalog and keep track of their DVD collections. That's a godsend dating appropriate age difference me, because I have hundreds of DVDs and friends are always borrowing them. I Heart Movies also has information on over 3, films, over 40, people actors, directors, writersand has trailers, trivia, plot summaries, and discussion forums.

Spout Spout isn't the most polished film information site and social network on this list, but it is very complete. The info it provides about movies isn't quite up to IMDb levels, but as a social network, the site provides plenty of ways for users to interact, including rating and reviewing films, discussion groups, film news, and trailers.

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