Dating Someone Who Is Best Friends With Their Ex

They travel together for the kids and stay in the same room. The sex is lukewarm. Where the wife or husband still lives. Everything with the ex seems businesslike. By the way, I'm not saying people shouldn't stay friends with their ex's. In fact, I'm a big proponent dating someone who is best friends with their ex being friends with an ex. But again, open your eyes and let yourself see what's really going on.

Is it platonic friendship? Or is the guy or girl having a hopeful feeling that she will come running back? I mean really feel it. Don't lie to yourself. You will know in your gut. It isn't always easy to know if the person you are with has moved on from a past relationship. Trust me, I have been wrong in the past. But, I will say, trusting your gut will never fail you. He also had coffee with Terri yesterday and pushed back our plans to meet up by a few hours so he wouldn't have to cancel on her.

Terri's boyfriend had been in town so I guess that's why my boyfriend hadn't seen much of her since I brought the issue up. When I was disappointed to hear black singles free online dating weekly dinner existed, boyfriend said, hey, I told you when we started dating that Terri was my best friend. Which is true, but when I found out how weird the relationship was, I told him about my concerns and he agreed. I feel like this may die down on its own dating someone who is best friends with their ex our relationship continues to go well, and maybe I'm jumping the gun in being concerned.

To be clear, I have what are you looking for dating site examples issue with my boyfriend being friends with his ex. I just have issues with him being her emotional boyfriend, having "dates" when her boyfriend is out of town. It's not jealousy so much as I feel like police officer dating victim is taking up emotional real estate that is more girlfriend than friend.

Have you encountered something like this before? How did you resolve it productively? That's a pretty harsh take on dating someone who is best friends with their ex I think is an entirely sensible, legit concern that the OP has. In fact, I think the OP may be underreacting to this a little bit. The best friend is a former girlfriend of 10 years, not just an old beer buddy, ffs.

I don't have time to give a thorough answer, OP, but I believe you when you say BF has bad boundaries, and yes, I think the ex is leaning on him a bit too much to fulfill her emotional needs, per: I think you're bang-on in your assessment, OP, and I think you need to have a heart-to-heart with boyfriend about this. It sounds like they are still in a primary emotional relationship and casually dating other people.

I think your assessment is spot on, but I also think this isn't going to change on its own. What you need to do is - truly believe that you have a right to ask for the change you want. His behaviour of prioritising his ex over you dating with a single mom not sustainable in a healthy relationship.

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