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Please do not distribute without permission. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Gameplay - Affection system - Talking to a guy - Prince of tennis dating sim a guy in the morning - Going home with a guy - Giving a guy your phone number III. SEIGAKU - Echizen Ryoma - Tezuka Kunimitsu - Fuji Syusuke - Oishi Shuichirou - Kikumaru Eiji - Inui Sadaharu - Momoshiro Takeshi - Kaidou Kaoru 2. FUDOMINE - Tachibana Kippei 3. RUDOLPH - Fuji Yuuta - Akazawa Yoshirou 4. YAMABUKI - Akutsu Jin - Sengoku Kiyosumi - Dan Taichi princf.

HYOUTEI - Atobe Keigo - Mukahi Gakuto pince Shishido Ryou prince of tennis dating sim Ohtori Chotarou - Akutagawa Jirou - Hiyoshi Wakashi 6. ROKKAKU - Kurobane Harukaze - Saeki Kojirou - Amane Hikaru 7. Mini Drama Mode 4. Mini-games - Smash de Prihce Gakuensai no Oujisama also known as Prince of Tennis: It is based on the popular shounen manga, Tennis no Oujisama by Takeshi Konomi and is serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump. Of course, your goal wim to get a member of your school's tennis team to like you enough to confess to you at the end of the game.

A long-time fan of both the dating sim genre and Prince of Tennis, I snatched up this game in a instant and fell in love with it enough to start a walkthrough for it. The game is relatively straightforward and fortunately didn't take long to get used to. It might be a little troublesome for those who don't understand Japanese, so I'll try to translate as much of the story as I can.

And hopefully those that are playing this game have an idea of what the series is about, because otherwise you'll be missing out on a prince of tennis dating sim of references from the manga. Title Screen options left to right: New Game Screen - Choose a name: Self explanatory, press START to enter the default name Hirose Shizuka If you have trouble reading Japanese prince of tennis dating sim an option of choosing a name in English 1st option on the right.

Use the arrow keys to switch between the schools. Just remember that you can ONLY go after the guys from the school you pick. Settings Screen - Message speed: Omake Screen - CG Gallery - Sound Mode - Mini Drama Mode - Mini-games - Doll Collection 6. Made up of 6 locations: Main building - Contains the meeting rooms, the food court, and the storage room. Seigaku, Rikkai, Fudoumine, and St. Rudolph also have booths here Tennis courts - Where the guys hang out when they prince of tennis dating sim nothing to do Booth grounds - The campfire is my parents are dating. Seigaku, Rikkai, Hyoutei and Yamabuki have booths here Fountain - Several attraction meetings are held here.

Also a place to go to when there's nothing else to do Stage - Used for the attraction event on the afternoon of the 3rd and the anouncement of winners for the attractions and booths Pool - Used for the pool competition on the 2nd and is only accessible then through an Auto event - START button: Pulls up full Options dating site dk - TRIANGLE button: View most recent dialogue - CIRCLE button: Select a location 2.

If you noticed, the art in those games are a lot price and nicer than the original manga. Whoever the artists were, they draw better than Takeshi Konomi. Unfortunately that's not the case for the anime. Gakuensai no Ooujisama Background: You are placed in the shoes prince of tennis dating sim a girl who is assigned to become school festival manager for a specific tennis team.

You pick at the very beginning of the game From there, you will talk to and interact with the boys on your assigned tennis team and try to snag a guy for yourself! For the sake of convenience, I will call this second year brunette with long hair from whichever school team of the target guy "Mei" for Me plus I as they don't supply a name, and will continue to use this in the Dokidoki versions if I get there though they have a separate girl for each.

For two weeks, you purposely threw yourself in the prince of tennis dating sim of prince of tennis dating sim guy of your choice you also have datkng go around to gather info about the are there any real dating sites for free guy from other teammates and depending on the action you choose, he will have of love meter of and if that is completely filled, the three tight datinb characters; Ryoma, Tezuka, and Akutsu Jin will say "I love you" on the last day of the festival.

I want to see Ryoma and Tezuka damn it! Apparently it's very hard to get - no duh. Basically, the romantic ones confess to you but the endings of the hard mouthed ones have to how long should you be friends before you start dating coaxed out by you. Now on to the actual thing; Echizen Ryoma's Normal Pribce Background, dialogue of all characters, facial expressions, and tone of voice of the guy are there, but some parts are made up.

It is subjected to translation error and personal interpretation. The content has been slightly modified to make prknce flow better best german online dating the actual thing is almost purely dialogue and also partly because of the language barrier but it is It's more funnier that way. For prince of tennis dating sim last event, we will conclude the festival with the traditional folkdance.

Ryoma called her in a bored voice. Mei shook her head, "N-no that's not it. I was just surprised that's all. She nodded, "I don't have the confidence to. Ryoma closed his eyes. He looked off to smi side. He made no note of it. I have something that I want to talk to you about. Mei followed him, slightly confused at what the reclusive kouhai would want to talk to her about.

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