My First Love Is Dating Someone Else

But while here we slowly grew apart, and I became complacent. She said I did not appreciate rirst or showed her Somekne cared enough, which is all true. After three years and half way around the world, I guess relationships are just harder to maintain as it goes along. I didn't realize until too late how unhappy she was until she broke it off two months ago.

I was shocked, hurt and really sad. And I did all the things how to find my boyfriend on dating websites here said not to do as I said I had never dealt with this before. I begged her to come back, said that I really did love her and that we can work out the problems. But she said she loge want that anymore.

At first I thought I should give her some space, and we'll try to patch things up when we're both in a better place. Then I heard from my friends that one of her classmates kept walking her home and at one point took her out one night to see some city lights. She claimed then it was nothing, but I knew better. That was just within the first week of our breakup. This threw me into a crazy state of mind, and I begged her more, asked her not to move to another guy so soon, that we should try to work things out first.

At first she agreed with me and decided to cut the guy off, but a friend of the guy told her he got depressed and got himself drunk. She felt sorry for him and started contacting him again and telling me we just can't be together at the moment. I felt betrayed that she felt more concerned for a guy she knew for two weeks than me who my first love is dating someone else loved for three years.

For the better part of the next two weeks I bounced between being happy for her to being depressed and begging her again. In hindsight this just made her want to be with him more since things were always complicated when we talked and she said he makes her happy when rlse with him. It was really stupid of me. And I realized that someonr so was making me hear things I did not want to hear, such as her admitting he's brought her over to his place and makes out with her.

How he told her he loved her and would move to Canada for her He's from Lvoe. And she said she loves that he's so appreciative I know this was a dig at me because at the end of our relationship things had become kind of stale for us So all this in the first month after break up and I realized I had to get my head together. After a few weeks of LC with her, I thought I could deal seeing her again so last week we went out for coffee.

And she said I looked better which I did but nigeria single ladies dating site because I didn't want to look like the depressed wreck that I was. And it went on good for a bit until she talked about him again. How she had dinner with his parents, how they're planning to change hair color for each other and how they were going to the mountains this weekend.

Everything was perfect for three years. We had our troubles, just like any couple, but we always managed to work them out together. We talked constantly about getting married someday. I know as lovr we tend to push men towards commitment, but he seemed just as into the idea as I was and he would often have me quiz him on the type of engagement ring I would like.

We had planned to move to Chicago together after graduation for something completely dating ashford spinning wheels and start our lives over in a new city with new opportunities. I will admit, our relationship got pretty serious pretty quick, but he never gave me any indication that he was uncomfortable with our plans so naturally I assumed that we were on the same page.

About two months ago, though, everything changed. I had gone away for the weekend with my dad and when I came back he showed up at my apartment in the middle of the someonne saying that he had something to tell me. I thought someone had died or was seriously ill, but what he had to say was worse. He liked someone else. She was a girl he had met only a week before when R. At first he told me that he liked her but he didn't want to because he loved me. He asked me my first love is dating someone else give him some space and some dating in the usa to sort things out.

I kept asking if he wanted to break up with me and he insisted that he didn't want to. After going back and forth for nearly four hours, we decided to come soomeone to it in a few days once we'd both calmed down. We met up again three days later. During those three days I had tried to come up with every conceivable way I could to save our relationship. We didn't have to move after graduation, we could take a step back and start slower, I wouldn't demand as much of his time I would have done anything and everything to make it work, but he wasn't willing to fight for me.

A week later, we broke somekne. I was my first love is dating someone else one who finally had to end it, he was sobbing in my arms and kept saying that he loved me and he knew he needed me he just didn't my first love is dating someone else how to want me. The fact of the matter was that he liked another girl and that was that. A week later, my mom came to visit me to console me in my state of utter despair and she told me ese my father had been cheating on her for the last year and they were going to get divorced.

I was crushed beyond belief. I hadn't talked to my ex we'll call him G in a week and I wanted desperately to tell him the news. He was close with my parents and I was desperate for someone to comfort me. I ended up telling him a what should you say on a dating website days later. He was supportive but he knew he couldn't be there for me in the way I wanted him to be. I started seeing a therapist to work through my problems while at the same time I kept trying to find a way to re-establish my relationship with G.

He and I talked once every week or so about our relationship and what had happened. But he was cold and standoffish. I hardly recognized him anymore; he was not longer the sweet, gentle guy I knew.


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