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Yet as I understand there is no exact legal definition of what consent is. I do not purport to know more on these matters than the police do and I respect the remit of the police and the common law nature of England, therefor a case-by-case basis legal dating ages uk seem a fitting perspective for the police to take. I am compiling an essay on this subject that I will be sending for the consideration of my local MP.

To be frank, my personal opinion is that the age of consent legal dating ages uk these matters should be raised to Yet that age should be the age for all activity not just sexual. It's concerning there is no "line in the sand" in many respects and the law seems rather inconsistent for exsample: Or finding out about sex. What it means, how things you should know before dating a short girl do it, how to protect ourselves from the consequences: And a broken heart.

So, once you're 16 it's OK to have sex? It's legal, except with someone who's in a 'position of trust' over us. This includes teachers, carers and doctors, who we trust to look after us. It's illegal for them to have sex with unders in their care. Just because you've blown out 16 candles on our birthday cake, doesn't mean you're ready for sex.

Do what feels right for you. Just make sure you understand what sex is about and get clued-up on safe sex and contraception first, and don't do anything you're not completely comfortable with. The age of consent for sex England and Wales The age of consent to any form of sexual activity is 16 for both men and women. The age of consent is the same regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of a person and whether the sexual activity online dating sites free canada between people of the same or different gender.

It is an offence for anyone to have any sexual activity with a person under the age of However, Home Office guidance [1] is clear that there is no intention to prosecute teenagers under the age of 16 legal dating ages uk both mutually agree and where they are of a similar age. It is an offence for a person aged 18 or over to have any sexual legal dating ages uk with free online fitness dating person under the age of 18 if the older person holds a position of trust for example a teacher or social worker as such sexual activity is an abuse of the position of trust.

The Sexual Offences Act provides specific legal protection for children aged 12 and under who cannot legally give their consent to any form of sexual activity. There is a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for rape, assault by penetration, and causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. Scotland The age of consent to any form of sexual activity is 16 for both men and women, so that any sexual activity between an adult and someone under 16 is a criminal offence.

The age of consent is the same regardless of gender or sexual orientation. There are possible defences if the sexual activity does not involve penetrative or oral sex. These are if the older person believed the young person to be aged 16 or over and they have not previously been charged with a similar offence, or the age difference is less than two years. Sexual intercourse vaginal, anal and oral sex between young people aged 13—15 are also offences, even if both partners consent.

A possible defence could be that one of legal dating ages uk partners believed the other to be aged 16 or over. Guidance from the Scottish Government legal dating ages uk that not every case of sexual activity in unders will have child protection concerns, but young people may still be in need of support in relation to their sexual development and relationships.

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