What Is The Law About Dating A Minor In California

Do not date a minor. Questions of morality aside, it is extremely foolish to play this game. I have represented dozens of adults who date minors and end up getting into mino serious legal troubles because of it. How does registering as a sex offender for life sound? How about jail or prison time? How about being labeled a child molester for life? If you are thinking what is the law about dating a minor in california you are not planning on doing anything that would lead to these consequences, think again.

I can't tell datihg how many times I've represented people in your situation who had the best of intentions going into the relationship only kolkata dating free end up permanently ruining their lives. Even if you don't have sex, even if you never i touch each other, all it takes is an accusation and it can be game over for you. Even if the accusation is false.

If you want a law school education on the hundreds of code sections [laws] that apply, start at the local Law Library and read the California Penal Code book[s]. Follow that with attorney practice handbooks and summaries you'll find there. I have done and won that trial. It seems that this is more of an issue between the fifteen year mionr and her parents. She may be hte company, but you had better minir sure.

She is a minor and her parents exert a strong influence in her life. Granted,you are still only seventeen years old yourself sex between the two of you is actually still illegaland you are sincerely interested in what is the law about dating a minor in california, are you interested enough to wait three years until it is legal for the two of you to have sexual contact?

California Law Office of Peter F. Goldscheider Peter Goldscheider No, it is not illegal to socialize with a minor if there is no sexual activity although you can expose yourself to such an accusation to say nothing of the temptation. In addition, as parents your girlfriend's parents have some say in what activities they permit their daughter to participate in. All in all it is a risky proposition.

Being charged are dating sites a good idea a criminal inn is not a fun thing whether you are ultimately convicted or not. California Law Office of Eric Sterkenburg Eric Sterkenburg The girl whhat a minor and as such best inexpensive dating sites parents are responsible for her.

At her age Her parents can control where she goes and who she sees.

What is the California law on a minor dating a legal adult?

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