Dating A Celebrity In My Dreams

The following is from my nationally syndicated newspaper column The Dream Zone and is a PERFECT example of how the celebrities in our dreams provide more than entertainment value… they come with a datibg important message. Dear Lauri, Last night I dreamed that I was going to have sex with Lenny Kravitz. I was wondering if he would fall mt gambier dating sites waiting for me, and celebritt looking at the clock because it was 10pm and I best dating sites in india free afraid I would be late getting home.

Boy I wish that dream was real! In real life what are you preparing for that seems to be taking longer than anticipated? Lenny Kravitz is a clue… and a very nice clue at that! When a celebrity appears in our dreams the message they hold for us can usually be found in a role that they have played, a movie they have been in or in the title or lyrics of a song that they sing. When you think of Lenny, what comes to mind? And I do remember being paranoid thinking he would think I was fat.

This is where I think Lenny Kravitz comes in. Most recently he was in The Hunger Games. He must represent the hunger you have to dating a celebrity in my dreams with ceelbrity order to lose the weight you want that is unfortunately taking too long to come off. I mean, honestly, don't we all have at least one friend who seems like she'd be fun to go jet-skiing with? Alternately, the dream could symbolize a dip in your self-confidence — Dream You is compensating for how awkward and uncool Awake You Might feel.

But you shouldn't feel that way! I would go jet-skiing with celberity if you taught me how to jet-ski first! Having Sex With A Celebrity Admit it — you were kn skimming the post until you found this one, right? No shame in that game — not datibg are celebrity sex dreams common; they can often leave us embarrassed or confused about what they could possibly symbolize. For instance, I'm still trying to come up with a decent and dignity-maintaining explanation for a sex dream I datlng about Dane Cook yes, he kept that leather bracelet thingie on the whole time.

But here's some good news — a sex dream about a celebrity can signify "a dreamz to be successful," often in a realm where said free executive dating site has achieved success. So all that sweaty, naked thrusting could just be your brain expressing a lot of enthusiasm for a particular art form or professional arena. Alternately, a celeb sex dream could just be the end product ky spending too many waking hours mooning over said famous person — which was not the deal with my Dane Cook dream AT ALL, so don't even suggest it why do people keep suggesting it?!?

Being A Celebrity Yourself Hey, drexms, it's you dating a celebrity in my dreams your name in lights! It's you, doing red carpet interviews for your hot new project! It's you, getting millions of bizarre, thirsty are jay and jenna still dating on an Instagram you posted of your shoes!

Now you're the famous person in your dream. But while it might feel awesome, it's not just a sign that all those hours you spent playing Kim Kardhasian's Hollywood last year finally paid dating a celebrity in my dreams. A dream where you're famous can often mean that you " celebrkty reaffirmationpraises and acknowledgment.

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