Dating Coca Cola Bottle Caps

Each Coca-Cola bottler was independently empowered Benjamin Thomas, for example, adamantly insisted on using clca glass for his bottles, since he thought the darker color better preserved the product. Joseph Whitehead, on the other hand, believed in clear glass. Bottke bottlers stuck to one of these two hues, but some bottlers went with light green, a widely used and less expensive color. Because bottles were still hand-blown into molds until aboutirregularities were common.

A new era for Coca-Cola began on November 16, when Coca-Cola free online professional dating sites a brand-new bottle shape. Inspired by the shape of a cocoa pod, this bottle featured a bulging middle, parallel grooves, and tapered ends—a shape that remains iconic to this day. Gone was the dispute between dark and light colors of glass; all of these new bottles had the same color: German green, later renamed Georgia green.

The shape, designed by the I cupid online dating Glass Company, dating coca cola bottle caps standard across all Coca-Cola bottlers. The hobbleskirt bottle remained relatively unchanged for decades, aside from slight modifications in the embossments, coa of which have become quite famous.

Decades later, in the late s, Coca-Cola decided to stop embossing cocq cities of origin on its bottles. This met with surprisingly heavy resistance from Coke drinkers, who often created dahing involving these cities. The next major change to Coke dating coca cola bottle caps came inwhen Coca-Cola adopted the Applied Color Labeling ACL process, ccoa relied on paste-based imprinting rather than traditional embossing methods or paper labels.

Until the mids, customers bought bottles of soda and then returned them to the bottlers for re-use. Dating coca cola bottle caps few years later, the hobbleskirt shape became available as no-deposit bottles; eventually, plastic became the material of choice, along with cans. Newer bottles also have four-digit numbers, but they provide even more information. About our sources Got something to add? Bill Lindsey's fantastic bottle identification and information site.

This site, a group effort, is a great reference for Coca-Cola collectors. There's a dating coca cola bottle caps of information here, but as with bottles, you have to dig to find the best stuff. Ralph and Carol Falvo's excellent collection of automobiles, petroliana, jukeboxes, soda, and general store items. The ultimate guide to vintage soda vending machines, from Coca-Cola to Pepsi boytle Royal Crown to Dr.

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