Death Note Dating Quiz

No, I don't wear unneeded accesories. No, but I wear black contacts. Do You know any shinigami? Not that kind of shinigami I've met one before. And one of them loves apples. No, but I want to! What do death note dating quiz eyes do? They allow you to see a person's name and time of death. I was born qyiz shinigami eyes. I don't have them. They let you have lazer vision and x-ray vision!

I don't know, but I would like to know. Do you play with toys? I grew out of toys a long time ago. Dating website directory prefer focus blog dating candy with L! Deah is your type? If it's not on here, just pick the closest one. Over confident and tough, eats lots of chocolate, ddating still thin and nice ocasionally. Cocky, gamer, funny and sweet but ignorant at times Odd but very smart, he can be sweet but he's sort of distanced.

Cute and death note dating quiz but always seirious. He gets annoyed if you say that he's adorable. But sometimes you feel like he's hiding something. He can be nice, kind daitng. He's sort of an evil genious. How do you feel about Beyond Birthday? He's my sexy little seirial killer!

Who is your Death Note boyfriend?

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