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NOW FINALLY — to the meat of the article. To say that Asian women exert a greater amount of privilege relative to Asian men, is just simply untrue. To be fetishized and objectified is NOT privilege. It puts Asian women in more harm than good. And even beyond desirability, Asian women are placed in danger through various other ways. These types of experiences are erased when people like Eliza Romero make statements that equate hyper-visibility and fetishism with privilege. And we, as a community, know all too well the challenges that come when our struggles are erased.

Second, to say that cishet Asian women are reddjt to find white men desirable is not untrue, but to leave out the fact that cishet Asian interracial dating reddit seek out white women smile back dating apps the same vigor is problematic. Asian men, women, and refdit folk who live inrerracial white supremacy are conditioned to view white people as desirable; it is something our community has had to work to unlearn.

To single out Asian women for this broad phenomenon again points the fingers at Asian women. If we are in the business of being free, we have to look at the problem that created it. That means being able to interracial dating reddit the various ways whiteness operates on ALL of our people, and working to find a liberation that works for us all.

It means challenging Online dating websites for singles notions of masculinity, gender, romance, and love altogether instead of merely giving Asian men the status of white men. And if Asian men finally get the status that we want them to have, it means reminding them that that still does not mean that they are entitled to Asian women. If you feel your interracial dating reddit should not have been removed, please message the mods.

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