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Funny but I gotta say — if youre making a 4 minute and 10 sec long video and you dont have a stabilizer on your camera get a tri pod Had to pop a gravol half way thru: Muhammed Ali should have gotten some credit for his camerawork. Fox needed a job, after how his latest show shook out. Holy shit, this is fucking dumb.

Be attractive Step 2: The content is pretty cliched but she has good delivery. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Knowing is half the battle! The miracle is that somehow, we find each other, and occasionally we exist peacefully together, in spite of that. I should have been eating dark chocolate and almonds during the video with a cute guy with no money.

Ladies dating matrix this on Healing my codependency and regaining my life! Patriarchy and disrespect alright … Some people really think this about women… Wow! As a woman, I have to admit that Dana McLendon whoever he is gay dating app singapore one of our sisterhood secrets. Any graph that is meant to show how a woman selects a husband verified safe dating website need to have at least 28 axes!

Thanks for introducing these sample first message dating site to me. So much fun and science. I think what he discovered was a great way to call attention to himself. The matrix will anger some, make others laugh, but will cause ladies dating matrix lot of people to remember who he is. I watched about half this video earlier, then turned it off.

From looking at him and yes he ladies dating matrix a ring on his finger, we need to make a chart for men. The Beavis and Butthead matrix of women selection. Insert that creepy giggle as you review the matrix. Do I have to change my email address? I think this matrix was more humorous than offensive. And much of human trafficking involves sexual slavery. ISIS is the latest example of tribal warfare that uses the subjugation of women as a method to induce fear into the population.

This is now happening in Africa on a larger scale. Here in the US, rape continues to be soft-pedaled by conservative politicians. Domestic violence has become endemic. I could go on and on. Good point, CS, although my guess is that most men would prefer something other than a Stepford Wife. A male colleague sent this around last week to 7 people, I was the ladies dating matrix female, lol, I should have been offended but the thing is so funny and true!

I have my colleague convinced I am a unicorn, my boyfriend, not so much!! If you take into consideration influence of media and culture, yes, the chart is perfect reflection of what it represents. In a perfect world, the chart would be a total non-sense created by somebody who lost his touch with reality. Although, as a guy, I hope both of these chart will just be washed away in the anals of the internet, these charts are a reminder the gap in understanding between men and women is growing wider every day bigger not smaller.

I am reading through the different responses and all I can do is smile, after all that is all the video was meant to do. Reblogged this on ulilang and commented: You want a sissy to help you best free online dating nz your make-up, hairdo, wardrobe and other girly things. These guys are right for them, but women are NOT and can NOT be happy.

The Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix: A Man’s Guide to Women

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