The Art Of War For Dating Eric Rogell

If there was one lesson to take from your book — one thing with which to leave the reader — what would like it to be? It's not about pickup lines and canned routines. Those simply help you break the ice, get over your fears, and get in the game. And, yeah, that takes more work than just learning a few indirect openers. Has anyone approached you with success stories thanks to your korean actress dating hollywood actor A lot of guys tell me it's gotten them over their fear of approaching women and they've finally gotten themselves a social life.

He ended up dating a half dozen women within two weeks. My nephew also begged me for a copy after failing to hook up at college, and texted me that he ended up with a rotating group of 15 girls. My sister the art of war for dating eric rogell isn't talking to me. Women tell me best dating profile pictures stories all the time, too. Do your tastes run toward the more sophisticated? Or do you want a the art of war for dating eric rogell to play World of Warcraft with?

And the reverse is true. Your college football-loving dream girl may not be at a wine tasting. Your battlefield of choice is determined by your ideal target. And one important thing I mention in the book, is you have to get over your Geographical Homophobia. You need to go to where the women are. And those places are loaded with them. Even for getting you into their camp. And that means using other women as your spies.

Because no one can kick down a Bitch Shield faster than she can. While in a pair of peep toe pumps. Plus, being with an attractive woman instantly makes you more attractive the art of war for dating eric rogell approachable to other women. James Bond used Pussy Galore … you should too. One thing Sun Tzu made sure of, was that his spies were treated like kings. Since they were invaluable, he made sure they were treated accordingly. They got compensation over and above. That goes for your spies too.

Unlike women you are targeting, and even dating, your spy gets whatever she wants: Anyone read the Art of War for Dating by Eric Rogell? I'm a little confused on two of his approaches. How to ask for a phone and how to get a girl to call you back. With the latter he describes leaving a vivid message about you having a dream about her on her answering machine and truncating the message by hanging up before you finish the ending.

He thinks women will call you back out of curiosity. Well let me tell you I don't think he indian dating site joke mentions leaving your phone number in the message or your name. I know in this day of call display women can figure that out but this tactic can only be used once.

The Art of War for Dating: Master Sun Tzu's Tactics to Win Over Women

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