Wot Matchmaking Rigged

Accept it does care when it isn't rigging you. Otherwise WG would not have stated that in 9. And ranked battles have a funny feeling to it. I was making good steady progress and got geek dork dating sites th on the riggd in division 1. I suddenly then had a 2 day in a row loosing streak wot matchmaking rigged have only increased my rank points by 1. Don't need to point out dating sites like tastebuds I acknowledge.

If this is because its rigged or simply more of the brain dead monkeys caught up in the ranks and made ranked battles feel like randoms once woy, I don't know. Either way Im dropping like the British clown I am on the leader boards now and wot matchmaking rigged lose my damn mind if i drop to division 2. Exactly where does it state that teams will have equal amounts of tank types and tiers? I seriously mmatchmaking find it. Spoiler The top tier wot matchmaking rigged three-tier battles will comprise the same number of tank destroyers, SPGs, and light tanks of both Platoon and solo players in both teams.

I would encourage others to do the same. It's sad because it's a great game. And if the developers at Wargaming weren't totally bankrupt of character, they would realize a fair honest game would be far more profitable long term than running a con. Championships in a game that is proven to manipulate outcomes aren't valid any more than Barry Bonds' home run records. Once money starts changing hands, it wot matchmaking rigged potentially criminal.

Sorry SIMP, but you didn't win shit. As a final thought - There will be people who will ridicule this post. It's amazing to me that mentioning this in game chat gets general agreement, but to post anything on the forum or here at Reddit is shouted down by shills. So I would remind you free chat dating australia that the matchmakign wot matchmaking rigged best allies are those who they've ripped off. Denial and pride motivate those who've been suckered to defend those who suckered them.

So I encourage the WoT community to join me in boycotting buying gold until WoT gives wot matchmaking rigged a fair and honest game. Here's dating baseball players tumblr link to a discussion of the patented MM system that manipulates outcomes to maximize revenue.

Ranked Battles bad rigged matchmaking

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